Another Officer-Involved Shooting! And What a Sorry Excuse for an Explanation.

The police union concedes that the African American therapist who was shot by the officer did everything right…and the video shows him on his back, arms outstretched over and behind him, with his hands open.  The union claim that the officer fired at the autistic white man (whom the therapist was trying to return to a group home) who was sitting a few feet away, playing with what is now said to have been a toy vehicle, but which the officer supposedly mistook for a gun.

Here’s a slight problem with the police union’s version…after the officer fired and hit the black therapist, and missed the white patient at whom the officer supposedly was aiming, the officers proceeded to roll the wounded victim on to his stomach and handcuff him behind his back, while, rather that pinning and handcuffing the man who, according to the union’s narrative, was the officer’s intended target.

When you shoot an innocent person by accident, standard procedure is to roll them over and cuff him, right?  Just like it is standard procedure to take a risky shot at a possible perp, in order to save a potential victim whose in the line of fire.

Can’t understand why some people think that race is an issue, or that police officers try to cover for each other.  Can you?

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